Destroyed legendary living on in AMR recommendations

Snapshot: 0a55f3e10d304217a2084ce0a34969e9

Yesterday, got the Runecarver to destroy 2 old legendaries, a level 4 shoulder and a level 6 ring, today the level 4 continues to appear in a BiB recommended set (my “MM single”) set. Tried all the retry/flush tricks - reload, log off, open/close all inventories, multiple AMR exports, disable add-ons, etc., short of settings nuke or reinstall, so it’s pretty unlikely to be some idiosyncratic thing on my end (didn’t push inventory from the armory though, I never do that). The shoulder is still in inventory in the other configs, but not recommended (which it shouldn’t).

No matter what I do, the legendary shoulders, “Serpentstalker’s Band of Trickery”, remains in inventory on AMR, but is not in the WoW client inventory (I’ve searched bags and bank several times).

Btw, I’ve seemed to have had problems getting new items to appear in site inventory the last couple weeks, but I wrote it off as not having properly posted the export or AMR not being informed of a new drop until I open bags then export; problem “went away” and IDK if deleting more cruft gear or correctly exporting was the solution.

I speculate that either I have a client problem w/ inventory or AMR has a problem w/ the pretty large # of gear items I’ve got - but it’s time for the folks with the inside knowledge to take a look.

First thing to try with issues like this is following the steps in this post (some of which you may have done already, but give these steps a go one more time):

If that still doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll investigate further.

No joy.

Gave the open bags and vault p-l-e-n-t-y of time, cycled specs through the default UI, and the problem persisted.

Logged out, back in, opened bags and bank, went for a snack.
Came back and cycled specs; noticed that there was a message that AMR couldn’t find a gear set for any of the specs - I had changed covenants since the last IMPORT, so I exported, imported from the site, cycled through the AMR sets (3 BM, 2 MM, usually no survival, but I accidentally created one with the export) and made sure each gear set loaded.

Logged out and back, opened bags and back, waited… cycled specs in the default UI. Exported to site.

The ghost 235 shoulders, Serpentstalker’s Band of Trickery, remains in site inventory.

Since the original post/snapshot, I’ve created a 291 RING Serpentstalker’s Band of Trickery; AMR picked that up and now uses this in the “MM single” setup, in place of the shoulders, but drilling into shoulder choices, the ghost 235 is still there on site. I have working recommendations in all the setups I use, so it’s now just an ankle-biting mystery to me…

Latest snapshot is: 9e6d8c1f39f2421a8b186f66f0d2eef5

If you could post the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website, I can use that to check what it is importing. The website/server updates all data when you import, so my guess is that the addon is saying that you have this item still.

Following the steps in that post should update all places that the addon stores gear data… so I’m not sure how it could be holding on to an item that you no longer have. At that point I would need to see the file saved in your WTF folder for our addon and check where it thinks this item is still hanging out.

I was just now futzing w/ it again, decided to go the other way - lock the ghost in a setup, try to switch to it and see what happens. Disturbingly, the shoulders were found and equipped!

Note: the site names the shoulders “Serpentstalker’s Band of Trickery”, but the AMR add-on says it’s “Shoulderpads of the Serpentstalker”, the correct item name when I now view it in inventory.

I know this sounds like probable user error; I really did do a bag-and-bank search on the string “stalk” - more than once and didn’t see it. My personal pride-saving theory is that when I deleted 2 legendaries back-to-back, the WoW client actually deleted one and “limbo’d” the other, somehow having it but not in inventory (which boggles me, actually). I maybe I’m getting senile. More senile.

Anyway and whatever it is/was, not AMRs problem. Thanks for support.

And (re)-destroyed the problematic piece, exported, and it’s now gone in AMR site.

I saw the mats returned when I destroyed the 2 legendaries before and the one this time; either something wonky really happened or I really had 4 legendaries when I thought I had 3; I remember searching for “legend” to find the old ones in bag when I destroyed the 2… Anyway…

Glad it is worked out! Yeah who knows, something wacky could have happened with the API events in-game that got things into a weird state.