Disc Priest WOTLK Classic Spellpower vs INT

Trying to understand if in Wotlk classic version can we tell the system which secondardy stat we value. I keep having to fight AMR on int vs Spellpower. Every single website says SP over INT, every high ranking healer in warcraft logs has SP over INT And every other disc healer I have inspected takes SP over INT. Unfortunately AMR seems to know better. All my gear is “geared” towards INT. Gems, enchants, trinkets… It is obsessed and it is wrong. Can this be changed? Sadly I only play a disc priest and if this is wrong and there is no where to alter the stats I prefer this is not useful.

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I read some other posts and tried it. I shorted the fight length. So it seems that the system assumes SP is better than INT in a shorter fight, which makes, no mana no heals, but why is the timer so short? I mean INT takes over as a better stat at 45 second fights or better. I could see after 3mins, 45 seconds? I have never run out of mana in even 120 seconds. Hodir HM I solo heal, still don’t run out of mana. Does the system not take into account hymn or shadow fiend, rapture, or anything else?

Just as an experiment. I straight casted nothing but flash heal and I went OOM at 75seconds.So hymn, shadow fiend, a mana pot, rapture, buffs, no way you can OOM before 3mins. Even if all I do is FH.

Swol is our healer person so he can give you a more in-depth response probably Monday.

Speaking generally and not being able to see your specific case, have you made sure that all appropriate raid buffs/consumables are enabled in the options? Sometimes I see users with those turned off and it has a big impact.

You can also create a snapshot of your exact character and setup for us to check out, instructions on how to do that here (also let us know if you are looking at Best in Bags or Best in Slot):

I was working on my alt, and I am also running into the same issue. Everything is asking me to regem into intellect gems over SP gems.

We take into account all the sources of mana gain/regen. Keep in mind that the fight length should be thought of as the length of time you will be continuously healing with zero time moving, pausing between spells, etc. The model is not simulating a “real” fight - it doesn’t need to in order to pick gear. That is why you will generally need to set the fight length to something significantly shorter than what you make it to in-game before you run out of mana.

Was there ever an answer to this question? I have the same issue, AMR has me gemming all INT. I do like the fact that I rarely run out of mana, but sometimes, I wonder how much more healing I could have done, if I did the all SP gems instead. I may try to gem with the Orange SP/INT gems to see if I can find a nice balance of more SP and still be able to sustain my mana.

It’s still the same answer! Shorten the fight length such that mana is not as much of a limiting factor in the calculations. Then the optimizer will prefer SP over Int.