Dom Sockets missing shards upon spec change

I recently updated all my domination gear/shards I’ve received. All my unholy shards are updated to max level. Now I finally added another pc for a blood shard towards an extra bonus.

Today when I swapped specs from my Elemental to my Resto Shammy, all my shards disappeared from the gear I had still equipped, even though AMR webpage showed I had them. But looking at my character dressing room showed me all empty sockets and none of the shards were in my bag.

This is annoying. So now I cannot swap specs on the fly because of this mis-communication (that’s about all I can call it) between what I have currently earned/socketed and equipped, to missing in action when I switch specs.

I will not be able to continue using AMR with this problem. If I have to manually unequip every single special pc of gear to my bags, then swap specs, then go back in and re-equip what I wanted to wear and make sure all my appropriate pcs for that spec are actually the ones I got.

It’s a little unclear to me what the issue is from your description. Is this an issue with the website, or the in-game addon?

Usually if something is out of sync between the addon and the website, following the instructions in this post can resolve that issue:

Also, providing us with a snapshot helps too – press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header and then “create support post”.

I am so sorry, I did not even think of getting a screen shot. But what I did to resolve this was to remove all pcs of gear with those domination shards, log out of the game, reinstall AMR addon, reboot my pc. I suspect as you mention it might have been a problem of old stuff still cached.

I keep forgetting that your webpage seems to have that odd interaction with the addon when old info gets caught up without being cleared. So now every time I log into the game, I just follow those basic steps “Go to your bank, leave it open for 1 or 2 seconds – that’s enough time for our addon to scan it.”

Not sure if its the website or the addon but what I did as mentioned above, prior to following those steps you mention, seemed to clear the problem. I am still trying to learn about how your webpage and in game addon works. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I forget a step. :grimacing:

But the visual of missing shards actually was extremely acute in the game. Because it looked as though all my shards had totally disappeared from my gear when I viewed it in the character dressing room. And upon searching my bags, could not find them anywhere ~ and this caused panic.

Rebooting your computer will have no impact on how either the addon or the website works, so you don’t ever need to do that to resolve an issue.

If you follow the steps in the post linked in my previous post to reset all cached data in the addon, you don’t ever need to reinstall the addon either – you do need to keep it up to date with the latest version though. Whenever you install a new version of the addon, you also need to have WoW closed.

You also don’t need to do those steps every time you log in to the game. Just do it once, and then it should automatically keep things in sync after that. You only need to do it again if you play WoW on a different computer, start a new character, or run into an unusual issue.

With regards to shards (and gems and enchants), our addon does not modify your gear. It will swap gear, but never modify it – you need to perform modifications yourself. So you never have to worry about it destroying a shard or gem or consuming an enchant.

Changing faction or transferring server might cause you some grief too.

Shard swapping is more of a pain than it should be @friedbones, I went looking for a solution and found this addon. I haven’t made any sets in it, I did try but it wasn’t very obvious, however after you shift+right-click a piece of Domination gear there’s a Remove button. If the socket is empty it has all of the available shards, in your bags, so you can just click on them from there and then press the Apply button like you normally would.

I’m aware of at least one Weak Aura too but liked that addon better.