Dragonflight 10.2 Patch Updates

Sometime during the day on Nov 7th we will update the site for Dragonflight patch 10.2!

Addon v131

Please get addon version 131 or higher, or your talents may not load correctly for some specs.

General Updates

All new class changes, talent changes, raid/dungeon gear, set bonuses, and trinkets have been implemented. A few trinket/set rankings may need a little tweaking, but an initial estimate is in there for every item and bonus.

Upgrade Finder

All existing upgrade finder searches have been updated for the new season: Raid, Mythic+ Season 3, Catalyst, etc.

A new search has been added for Superblooms.


As always, let us know if you see something that is missing or a bit off. We will undoubtedly do a couple of updates in the first week to pick up any changes they sneak in that are different than what was on PTR for testing.

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ETA on when this will be in effect?
Thank you in advance!

Soon! We’re working on a few last-minute things based on the latest client data we pulled this morning.

The servers will be back up in just under an hour according to Blizzard, so we’ll have the site updated right around then as well.

Awesome. Thank you. This is the best tool available for optimization.

Thanks for using the site, we’re glad you like it!

The site has been updated – there are a couple things that we need to tweak over the next couple of days. In particular we need to make a few more demonology warlock changes, and test a few of the trinkets from the new raid.

edit: the original post has been updated too: make sure to update to v131 or higher of our in-game addon to ensure proper loading of your talents. We made a tweak to deal with some weird cases in Blizzard’s game data.

Can’t optimize with my Rogue… There must be an Error…

### Error

#### There was an error in the optimization.

Please press the 'Help' link next to the big 'Best in Bags' section header on this page, then click CREATE SUPPORT POST, and follow the instructions to post a snapshot on our forum.

Someone will help you within 24 hours on business days.

This is the Error I get when I try Best in bags…

Can you post the snapshot - the error tells you how to do it. With that I can load it up on my development version and track it down. I had to re-write a lot of the rogue code, so there must be a bug or two I wasn’t able to weed out :frowning:

Question on items which were updated – the vendor items from time rifts and dreamsurges have been updated to a new rank of things (ilvl 428 / Adventurer 1/8). Do you plan to add them? I know they’re probably relevant for only the first few weeks at most as people gear up from the new outdoor content.

Echoing this as when looking at the upgrade finder, these are the current issues

  • Dream Surge and Time Rift items allow upgrades up to Aspect Crests when these are capped with Drake Crests.
  • The ilvl are still set to Season 2 and not Season 3 so they are not giving accurate upgrade values.

Can we get an ETA for when this will be fixed?

I wasn’t aware that they updated the rewards for those older events. We can change that in the next update.

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Awesome, thanks. I think it was clarified on Tues and was an undocumented change.

I updated the searches – the picker still has the full range… but it caps out at 428-450, e.g. if you pick anything over 450 it will still show 450 results.

Thanks again for the quick fix.

Looking good :slight_smile:
Just a note on crafting upgrades. Would it be possible to add some additional base levels to reflect the new Spark of Dreams crafting (as you had for 10.1.7):

Base level for just Spark
Base level for Enchanted Wyrm’s
Base level for Enchanted Aspects


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I’ll take a look at the crafted base levels – I sort of had to guess based on PTR data, and the raw game client data is really tough to unravel for crafting.

edit: looks like I was off by 3 ilvls on all the variants, we’ll shift those in the next site update sometime today.

perfect. superb job as always… :slight_smile:

How do I optimize my talents? it only lets me edit them but there is no place to find which talents and gear combos work best together for the highest dps.

We do not pick talents on the website - that has never been a feature. You tell us what talents you want to use, and then we tell you the best gear for those talents.

Talent optimization would be cool - but the combos of talents + gear is so insanely huge that it wouldn’t be feasible.

On the Best in Bags, AMR is still recommending Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane (ilvl 408) for my necklace and the Onyx Annulet (ilvl 424) for best in slot. I have items in both slots that offer a 20-30+ ilvl upgrade. Protection Paladin, btw.

If you post a snapshot, we can take a look at your specific case.

Directions for creating a snapshot: