Elemental Shaman BiB never tells me anything is an upgrade

Only on my Elemental Shaman it doesn’t highlight what would be a dps upgrade, or even what enchants to use when I do BiB. If I click on a specific slot of gear it will show how much of an upgrade or downgrade each item that I have in that slot is, but not overall on the summary page. It doesn’t even recommend gems for slots and what dps upgrade they would give.

I would need a snapshot to look at your specific case. Instructions on how to do that here:

snap id



here is another snap with a couple more items of gear and such… still doesnt recommend anything for this character. All my others work just fine.

I’ll take a look – the issue seems to be related to the value of some specific conduit combinations (though that is certainly not obvious from the behavior you are seeing, it took a bit of testing to figure it out).

I’ll post an update later today that should behave a bit better, though it looks like we may need to take a closer look at some of the conduits. We plan to retest everything for 9.2 soon, which will handle that.

That said, the differences are quite small in this case, but it was enough to get it “stuck” and not suggest changes when it should have.