Emissary caches and warfronts (feature request)

Hey guys,

I love the site. I really appreciate all the work that’s been put in to it. I use a lot of the upgrade finder to determine whether I need to attack a world boss, which mythic+ dungeon I should hit this week, etc.

With the recent changes to emissary quests giving more than just azerite pieces, I’d be very interested in seeing something similar for emissary caches. Specifically, what items drop from a particular emissary cache and which ones are upgrades? It would save me a lot of time if there was an easy way for me to determine whether I should do the emissary quests for a particular faction on a given day.

I’d also love to see something similar for warfronts, specifically, the quest that gives you a 370 / 385 piece from just doing the warfront once.

Thanks again for all you guys do.

We can look into that, would be handy.

An update: I am working on this and sourced the regular slots. Now I am crowdsourcing the rest. Emissary cache sources - AMR Needs your help