Enchant option for optimizer

Is there an option to select which enchants to not use across all pieces without selecting “none” for all enchants.

Here is what i am doing. I don’t want a certain enchant on my gloves. So i check the option to remove that enchant on that glove. re-optimize. It selects a different enchant. same piece of gear. I don’t want that one either. uncheck that one. reoptimize. it then selects a different piece of gear in that slot but puts the original enchant on that new piece so i have to do the same thing over for that piece of gear. Sometimes it after all of that, it picks a piece of gear with no enchants on it but that causes a change of gear in another gear slot. Like it choses a glove with no enchant which now makes a change in my boot slot to a different piece of gear. but that new boot slot has an enchant on it that i don’t want. so it starts all over and it is just time consuming.

I can do what i need to do to get the results i want, i am just asking if there are any shorter ways to do it. Basically i want to chose which enchants are available to consider. Same things with gems but to a lesser extent.

Kind of like an option where u chose which raid buffs are available. But instead it would be which enchants are available.

This may seem pointless. My reason for doing this is because i have a ton of alts. i don’t like to spend money on them. If i have an enchanter and he has the enchant and I have mats, then i will put it on one of my alts. but i don’t spend money to buy mats and have another enchanter do it. yeah im a cheap ass. Same with gems. But, sometimes i am willing to pay a little more and will so it would just be nice to have an option to pick and chose which enchants/gems to consider in the calculation.

Sorry i just love messing with different combinations in AMR.

like i said, i can accomplish what i am trying to do already in a piece by piece, reoptimize over and over way, I was just looking to see if there is a shorter way that i am missing or maybe a suggestion for a future version if there were enough interest.

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look at your case. If an enchant is excluded, it shouldn’t use it at all unless you have an item in your bag that already has that enchant on it. That’s always allowed because you already have it.

Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:

Thank you for the response. I can’t get it to recreate what i thought was happening now.

I think what it did was, as i removed the weapons enchant, for example, it would pick the next one in the list lower to use. Then it got to a point that the next lowest enchant was actually better on a different piece of gear.

I unselected all enchants from a slot and it has not tried using one of those enchants on a different piece of gear. Unless, as you stated, i had a piece of gear with it already on it.