Enchanted tear bug wotlk

I was trying to imput my bis as a ret paladin in wotlk, and put an enchanted tear in a socket, with relentless earthsiege diamond as my meta. It kept trying to put a yellow or orange gem in my gear. When I would lock that gem to be a bold scarlet ruby it would just move the yellow or orange gem to a different slot. When it was all locked to bold scarlet rubys and an enchanted tear it would start literally adding gear that had sockets into the unlocked gear slots just to try to put in a yellow or orange gem. I think it doesn’t understand that the enchanted tear should meet the meta’s requirements all by itself without any other yellow or blue gems.

If you provide an example with a snapshot I can take a closer look. And the code does indeed know that the tear can meet multiple requirements with one gem, just as it knows that other hybrid gems can.

Instructions on making a snapshot here:


sorry forgot to include a code, but if you notice I locked several gems to bold, because it kept trying to make them orange gems. now its trying to make the one in my bracer blacksmith socket orange.

cd9be9ccc2064db29b9b9f9e05424c9d now its trying to turn one of my dragon eyes yellow

42e15b0834684be4a8ec53294f6dbd8b now it added a great ring of collision just to get another socket

9cebd08d0444472998df80312bfcd4b1 then it added a ring of scarlet shadows and a gale proof cloak, each time it added something with a socket it was so it could stick an orange or yellow gem in

I think I see the issue, I had some special optimization code for the nightmare tear, but not enchanted tear. I’ll change that in the next update and it will try more combinations with the enchanted tear.

That said… it’s not going to improve your score. Using an enchanted tear instead of an orange and a purple to activate the meta gem is an insanely small score difference… it just doesn’t matter. A socket bonus could make it worth or not worth doing.

It is certainly appealing to use a prismatic gem to meet the meta requirement all at once… there is a certain elegance to it. But it isn’t going to improve your performance by any measurable amount in most cases.

Once I do the update, note that it still won’t pick the tear in your case because it scores slightly, slightly worse to use it with your particular gear right now. But as said above… the difference is so insanely small, go ahead and use it if you like – you won’t be able to tell in-game one way or the other.