Enhancement Shaman WOTLK completely wrong

I just started using this tool again for Wotlk classic enhancement shaman to optimize gear as I had really enjoyed this tool for legion. I’m not sure who designed the back-end sims for enhancement but they are completely off and absolutely terrible. The spec values crit higher than every stat to the point that the yogg trinket is DRAMTICALLY better than most other trinkets. It’s also recommending fast off-hands which is insane, and its providing a large number of cloth caster items which typically don’t actually sim better than mail.

I can see some growing pains associated to WOTLK but it feels pretty unacceptable to take a $10 upgrade fee for a tool that is completely broken for this spec.

If you post a snapshot we can look at your particular case, instructions on how to do that here:

Heres the BiS List, which is absurd (1.8 OH and junk yogg trinket over algalon)

Upgrade/Optimize, where your formula is falling over itself to gear specifically for crit (An overall meh stat for enh once you’re past 35% or so to keep up WF) Also seems to be working specifically on ilvl > all.

I took a look - I think there is one tweak I can make that will affect the value of crit a bit. You might still want to just exclude that yogg-saron trinket. The proc is pretty random and annoying, but maths out to be pretty strong. I don’t think it’ll be picked as BiS after this tweak I made.

As far as the weapons go… it’s picking fast weapons because all the good spell power weapons are fast. My calculations show getting a little bit more damage from spell power weapons. Go ahead and lock in a slower weapon if you want. I think the difference is pretty small in practice.