Enhancement - Soulbinds ranking

Heyo !

Here to repport a weird result in BIB:

It suggesting using Niya and if i sim Dreamweaver myself i get better result:

Manual override - dreamweaver

I’ll take a look - I was going to mess around with that enhancement rotation some as well.

Also remember that we are at the end of an expansion… with multiple systems in place. The margin of error between what the optimizer thinks is optimal vs what a particular simulation finds is going to be necessarily higher. The number of possible combinations is so high. We have had to fall back on mathematical models to augment the simulation data more and more as the systems get layered on top of each other. I’ll see if we can tweak things to match the simulations more over the next couple weeks.

I know they’re going to be doing a little bit of balancing, so waiting for that to happen too.

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No problem ! This is difficult to handle that mutch layering.
Imagine auto-sampling each time someone get a new item it had 20k simulation onto the server and you have new vector to work with and adjust automatically the Optimizer :3 Okay i dream without knowing anything how it work behind the scene !

I would love to see what you will do with enhancement =D