Loading setup in simulator doesn't bring soulbinds?

Heyo !
I’m having issue with soulbinds with enhancement Shaman.
So apprently you did an update to the gearing. Specially 2P and 4P.

First issue :
When trying to load BiB setup in the simulator, it doesn’t load the same soulbinds.
I think there is a manipulation to do on browser to “reset” what it has stored from BiB it may help but i dont remember it ?

Second issue:
With the last update, AMR suggest to put on the 2P. Based on the simulation, it’s a downgrade (i’ve loaded BiB, keep the setup and changed the head).
So based on your previous answers on the forum i supposed it’s due to the different layering like you explained in this post :
Enhancement - Soulbinds ranking - Ask Mr. Robot - Ask Mr. Robot (askmrrobot.com)

Default BiB - dreamweaver
Previous BiB - Dreamweaver
Default BiB - Nyia
Previous BiB - Nyia

I can’t reproduce the issue with soulbinds not being loaded – it works when I test it on my character… are there any errors in the browser console?

We did an update a few days ago that gives a minimum value to the 2pc and 4pc tier set bonuses because regardless of what any simulation says, people generally prefer to have the set bonuses. The minimum value is pretty low, so the difference between keeping or breaking the set bonus when it is close should not be enough to really tell in-game. If you have a case where the difference seems large, we can take a look.

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I also see this happen - if BiB wants to change the soulbind from your current soulbind, when you load the cached BiB optimization for that setup it doesn’t change the soulbind. It seems to only happen with swaps in the current covenant though.

For example, it’s doing it using the Unholy M+ setup in this snapshot: ce9338149ade4883940e095bfb1c9289

I’m going to test on my PC as soon as I can to see any JS errors.
In the mean time, it does happen on my smartphone…

I bet it’s because of Edge (Happened on Chrome too)


I do have erros in BiB

(after disabling AdBlock)
Same errors here :

“Block by client” honestly i have no idea what i’ve done to do that :’(

It doesn’t matter if google analytics gets blocked – won’t hurt the functioning of the website. We just use it to track website traffic and stuff.

The other error is the player avatar image, I’ll have to see if blizzard changed anything about accessing those. That would not impact the function of the site either though. I’ll try reproducing the issue again, I think I was testing going from one covenant to another, so maybe that’s why I didn’t see the error.

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Yeah i was expecting those errors to not matter to the site.

I was Venthyr, going to BiB as Nyia NF, getting Dreamweaver NF in the simulator.
It happen also if i select the MM+. If i unlock all, run BiB i get Bonesmith Heimir. If i then go to the simulator loading the MM+ setup i get Plague Deviser (actually the one i had lock in before)

Snapshot ID:


I just saw this situation, as well. I ran BiB for my raid tank setup and it recommended Bonesmith Heirmir with these conduits:
Then I opened up the simulator and loaded the setup from the optimizer and it gave me Emeni with these conduits:
Interestingly, that’s the soul bind and conduits BiB recommends for my M+ tank setup. So I checked the talents and gear to make sure that they match the raid tank setup and they do.

Here’s the REALLY weird thing, though. I just decided to go with it and ran the simulator with Emeni. It came back with 5,921 DPS (I have my tank setups set to max DPS). I then went back and manually switched the simulation to Bonesmith Heirmir with the conduits from BiB. The simulator came back with 5,609 DPS - more than a 5% decrease. So it’s almost as if BiB identified the best soulbind+conduits and cached them for the simulator; but then displayed the wrong ones? If that makes any sense.

One other thing I noticed: This does not happen if I set my covenant to Night Fae. Both BiB and the simulator show Niya with the same conduits. However, I will add that the simulator comes back with 5,818 DPS, which is slightly lower than Necrolord+Emeni. This slightly contradicts the AMR brewmaster guide, which says that Night Fae is the best covenant for DPS.

For tonight, I’m going to manually switch to Necrolord+Emeni. We’ll see how it goes.

Korra the… improving brewmaster?

I’ll fix this bug in loading setups into the simulator with the next website update – sorry it accidentally fell off the radar.