Error slayer's crest

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
Why the trinket “Salyer’s Crest” is considered better than the “Bloodlust Brooch”?

We would need a snapshot to answer your question in more detail. Instructions on how to do that here:

Also can I ask you an unrelated question – I see people post from time to time in the format that you did, with the “i have read this post and still have a question” template and the two bullet points. Where are you seeing that? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on our forum or our website… I’d like to update it with the instructions for how to make a snapshot.

New Post from the top right of the topics list.
Choose Character Specific Gear from the dropdown list under the thread title.

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Thank you! I’ll see if I can find that in the settings and update it.