Feature suggestion - Add to my bags

Just wanted to make a quick feature suggestion which I hope would both be useful and easy to implement.

Allow a button to bound through the addon (or another UI feature) to enable add to bags through hovering over the item in question, this would be really helpful for vendor upgrades and legendary crafting


I’m not part of the AMR team, but from my experience in programming and databases, I doubt that would be possible.

The main reason that the optimiser (and by extension, the add to bag upgrade feature, which makes use of the optimiser) is able to give you a relatively quick answer is because they do a lot of pre-processing beforehand, and have a big database of simulation data which they use AI techniques on to figure out how much of an upgrade a new item would be in your current situation. This is all done on their server infrastructure.

In order for the add to bag feature to work inside the addon, they would need to do it one of two ways.

One way would be to get everyone to download the large amount of data they use, so the calculations could be done locally on your machine, which I very much doubt would be feasible in terms of the amount of data that would need to be transferred (plus it might affect some people with low data caps), and this would need to be done each time there is change in the data. Also, it could adversely affect people’s gameplay if their computer is barely good enough to play wow, and doesn’t have extra overhead to run the algorithms required to compute the results for the add to bag feature.

The other way is the addon would need to somehow be able to communicate with their server on a regular basis via an API or something similar (essentially each time you encounter a new piece of loot). Firstly, I don’t know enough about LUA (the language WoW addons use), but I doubt Blizzard allows that kind of communication, I think it needs to be local to the computer. If this kind of communication was possible, I think AMR would have already implemented it into the rest of their features, to cut down on the copy and paste you need to do to get your gear to the website, and vice versa. Also, it wouldn’t only be yourself communicating with their server, it would be everyone using the addon, which might overwhelm their servers.

That being said, it would be a nice feature to have, but I think it would be a lot more complicated than you think to implement.

One of the AMR team can probably provide more detail on whether this would be feasible or not.

I didn’t mean to get answers from the addon just a way to get an item onto the site easier

let’s say for example I’m browsing the ah for crafted items and want to quickly check what would be best out of 4/5 options if I could use the addon to import them into the site like I do for best in bags it would make life much easier rather than having to manually add each item to my bags.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking for. That seems a lot simpler to implement. I thought you meant you wanted a tooltip or something to come up in-game with the %upgrade an item is when you hover over it.

I personally don’t have an issue with searching the items up manually, but I do have 2 screens, so I can have the game up on one and AMR on the other other. I can see how it could make things simpler for other people, who need to alt-tab.

I can see how it might also help for items that come from quests and adventure missions, where the item may have a different ilvl to the base ilvl one that they have in add to bags.

I’m not sure how this might help with Legendary Crafting, since I would think you would need to craft the item first, but I guess they might be able to figure something out, from the base raw item piece and the legendary power in the adventure guide.

Legendaries would be a little trickier – probably easier to just use the existing UI to create the variation that you want to rank.

For other items… theoretically it’s not that tough to take an item link from in-game and export it to the website in some way. The time consuming part is building the UI on both ends (addon, website) to allow it. It would be handy though. We’ll put it on the list of possible future enhancements.

In the meantime, if you aren’t able to create a variation of an item on the website, let us know and we can add it.