Flightstone upgrade suggesting strange choices

Doing a upgrade finder for flightstones is giving me some odd recommedations. It’s tell me to upgrade an axe of which I have 2 of. I have already upgraded one of them and it was a downgrade, not a upgrade. Also it’s saying to upgrade both of the same axes, but giving different results for the exact same item. See picture for a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

Is this your only spec being optimised…?

I’d be inclined to do what I call a “Naked Optimise”; unequip all gear, delete the gearset in game & re-import. Re-run BiB & see what that gives, in comparison.
Also worth trying is Ctrl+F5 after running BiB… but that may not necessarily make as great a difference as a fresh-from-‘naked’ BiB.

Feel free to throw up a Snapshot ID, too… always gives @yellowfive & gang a better chance to sift through the data as only they can.

If you post up a snapshot ID we can try to reproduce your case and see what’s up. Instructions on how to do that here:

Snapshot ID: e42e2975b4904564b82597d0d9c355e4

My apologizes for not posting the snap shot, didn’t know about it.

Thanks for the snapshot – I was able to reproduce the issue. We’ll have a fix in the next site update, which will probably be with the 10.1.5 patch next Tuesday.

There was an obscure issue going on with enchants for dual-wielders causing a score mismatch between BiB and the Upgrade Finder in rare situations.

We’ll also filter items out of the results that cannot be upgraded with the threshold set in your options for the Flightstone/Crest search.