Gear check keeps changing my set name

I am constantly having AMR changing my gear set from BeastMaster to AMRBeastMaster in game. I cannot get this function to stop messing it up because it also always changes the gear for my choice.

How on earth do you prevent “best in bags” from changing my gear name when I copy the setup from your online page and import into my game.??

When you send your setups to the addon from the website, the setup names will be updated in-game to match what you have on the website. You can edit the names of your setup on the website:


If you have the addon feature enabled to create in-game equipment manager sets, when you activate and equip an AMR setup from the addon, it will also create an in-game equipment manager set with the same name.

I have done exactly that and end up with it still changing the imported name anyway back to what it was before I fixed it. I’ve had to completely delete your addon and reboot my computer, but today it still failed even after all the things you suggested anyway.

So my question still stands:
Why does my import from my character called ‘Destruction’ (on my warlock) match the name in the webpage that shows ‘Destruction’ still end up after I import the gear setup back into the game, still change to “AMR Destruction” even after all those changes you suggested which I made?

What I have in game is ‘Destruction’ and what shows in the webpage is ‘Destruction’ so why when I import the gear check back into the game it changes the name back to AMR Destruction? I have disabled the feature to create an in-game equipment manager set completely, but it still happens.

This is getting annoying and it started this month…so what did you change in your addon that caused this to happen…again.!!!

OK, I think I misunderstood what you were trying to do before.

If you are using “send to addon” from the Gear Check feature of the website, it always gives the resulting set in-game the same name: AMR [spec name]. There’s no option to change that.

The Best in Bags feature of the website lets you rename the setups to whatever you want, and create multiple setups per spec. When you use “send to addon” from Best in Bags it will always send all of your setups at once, and sync your list of setups in-game with what is seen on the website.

The ones created from Gear Check will still be there in-game along side your Best in Bags setups, named with the "AMR " prefix.

Let me know if that clears things up.

Sorry, but I have no idea what you just said. Please bear with me, I’m not that knowledgeable about these addons as I would like to be. I tend to follow Icy Veins’ suggestions for various activities I do with the same spec.

I have three different characters: Hunter, Warlock, and Shaman. Shaman is currently my main, which I am referring to here. Since I only have Resto and Elemntal specs actually setup, I rarely change the spec but do follow up with better gear to replace older set pieces as I acquire them.

However, this problem seems to affect all three of my characters’ gear setups when I switch out from one activity to another: solo/open world, mythic, Torghast, and my shaman’s raiding setup.

Its a pain that I have to carry different gear sets for my specs. I usually only have maybe one or two items that get swapped out from my raiding set for my mythic/solo open world set because some things just do better when I am not raiding.

So, I can’t name my in-game sets via my character dressing room the same as what I want from the AMR? The in-game AMR addon has those options to not create set names but if it is checked, the information from your webpage is not synched?

I found that the information for the “Best in Bags” tends to be somewhat different than what your “Gear Check” is showing. Why on earth is this not synching with what I imported from my game?

In some cases I get a better selection using best in bags and it matches the gear check. But recently its been pulling old pieces that are lower ilvls than what I recently acquired that are far better. Then its changing the name of the set from Destruction to AMR Destruction when it had not been doing that before.

I find I am constantly having to delete all references in my dressing room to a gear set name, uninstall the in-game addon completely, then exit the game and reinstall a fresh copy of the in-game addon.

Once this is done I clear my cache on my pc browser and reboot my pc. Once I restart my pc, pull up the browser, then open the game and re-enable the addon that I have freshly reinstalled.

Go to my character, open my bank/bags, etc., then make sure my spec talents are set the way I want them. Check to see that I am wearing my best gear for use in Destruction spec, run the in-game addon to get my info to import to the webpage.

Sometimes this works well because for some reason I get a new fresh page but recently that has not been happening. Its like old data is constantly overwriting my new information import.

So…if I understand you correctly, in order to get the best setup for my spec I need to just use one of the two gear checks? Which is the best one to use? The Best in bags or the Gear Check? And how on earth do they relate to the data I just imported so differently?

Firstly, Best in Bags and Gear Check are two different features of the website that do slightly different optimizations. In general, you should always use Best in Bags. Gear Check is very limited – it only suggests gems and enchants, and is meant as a quick check for free users of the site. If you have premium, just use Best in Bags – it is more thorough. It will look through all of the gear that you own and try to find the best combinations of gear. It also lets you save multiple setups, among other features.

You might benefit from reading the tutorial for Best in Bags:

(The short video is from last expansion, but it works pretty much exactly the same now, minus azerite powers.)

If you are using our website and our addon to manage your gear sets as described in the tutorial, you don’t ever need to directly use Blizzard’s equipment manager in-game if you don’t want to.

A short version of how Best in Bags is designed:

  1. Using our in-game addon, export all of your information to our website. This contains all of your equipped gear, gear in your bags and bank, soulbind and conduit information, etc.

  2. Use Best in Bags and create setups that you wish to use. It is common for people to create one setup per spec (you can change spec on the website at the very top, to the right of the “import from addon” button). It is also common for people to create two setups per spec: one for raiding and one for Mythic+. Or whatever you want (but you can have no more than 6 total setups per character).

  3. Once you have the setups and optimizations doing what you want, press Send to Addon on the Results tab for any of your setups. This will send all of your setups to the addon.

  4. Copy that text into the import box of the in-game addon. Now on the Gear tab of the in-game addon, you will see all of your setups. There is a dropdown box at the top of the gear table that lets you switch between your imported setups. Press the big green “Activate [Spec] and Equip Gear” button for that setup – this will change you to that spec and equip all of that gear. If you have the option enabled, we’ll also change your soulbinds and talents to match your setup.

And that’s it – whenever you get new stuff, export to the site again, press optimize, see the new results, copy them back into the game, your setups are now updated. If you don’t like opening the addon and pressing the button to swap gear, there are instructions right on the Gear tab of the addon for how to make a macro and bind it to a hotkey.

You also don’t ever need to uninstall or delete the addon, or restart your PC. If you ever feel like something is out of sync, you can follow the steps in this post to completely reset all stored data in our addon:

All of that said, you can use the Blizzard equipment manager if you prefer. Enabling the option to create equipment manager sets will create an equipment manager set that matches your setup whenever you press that “Activate [Spec] and Equip Gear” button. The equipment manager set will have the same name as your setup in the addon, which will also have the same name as your setup on the website.

The only real use I have for the Blizzard equipment manager is that on the tooltip for an item, it will show the name of the equipment manager sets that it is a part of. I find that handy – instead of recreating that functionality, we just use the game’s built-in equipment manager to get it.

I want to thank you for your patience and taking the time to write this up. I now understand it better. Unfortunately, when I first started using this addon, I assumed that whatever I did best in bags for, it overwrote whatever I had already setup…did not realize all those different names in the in-game gear setup box were actually different setups based upon different goals.

I appreciate you taking the time to outline it so succinctly for me because that is not exactly how I originally understood it when I watched a setup video. Probably should have asked then but it appears with hindsight, the author of that video made the assumption I understood more than I did.

Thank you again for this outline.