Gear check shows different % of same item

as you can see from the screenshot the same item is ranked differently. if i equip it from the list then its value with the same ring is rightfully 0%, why? I happens with other rings as well

The Ring difference is for THAT SLOT only… the 0.03% refers to the whole gear set.

it’s the very same ring it shouldn’t be an upgrade at all :0

If you could provide me with a support snapshot, I can take a closer look at your case. Instructions on how to do that here:

To be honest, an edited view of the Optimiser window - that doesn’t include spec. priorities, etc - isn’t fair evidence for appraisal.
If the whole picture isn’t visible, no-one can give you full & accurate analysis.

you can’t actually do it in one screenshot you know. maybe I explained myself wrong, the problem is not settings: the problem is why if i import my character from addon or armory the rings aren’t shown correctly with their value and I have to manually add them to profile to rank them correctly

ok will do. edit: done it

more screenshot:
here character loaded from addon. same ring comparison.

here i manually added that ring. same ring comparison now correctly.

I’ll take a look – it ranks correctly in the upgrade finder, so there must be something causing the score shown in the list when viewed from Best in Slot to be using a different reference score.

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