Gearing Options

Is there a way or can’t you make a way to show options in different gear? I want to show the best in slot items if I am trying to achieve X goal.

For example my guardian has plenty of survivability and I want to pick up my dps a little to help with dps as well as increasing threat, but there is no configuration that I can find where ask mr robot will tell me what gear best suits the goal. If you look at sites like warcraftlogs every top end Guardian is running luffa wrappings as one of the legendaries. It doesn’t help survivability but it does help the group dynamic by extending the range for larger faster pulls and increased damage will always help threat during affixes like skittish.

In addition I cannot find askmrrobot doesn’t tell me what the effects of certain changes will have on my dtps or dps so if I trade in ekowraith luffa wraps what do I gain, what do I lose? Sadly I have had to resort to using simulation craft for that.

We have a simulator that you can use to test specific items – it is much more full-featured that simulationcraft and generally more accurate.

It is available via the main menu, or go here:

It is very easy to try on different items and simulate it. There are a ton of options for you to play with under “more options”, the most important though are setting your consumable options (potions, food, flask) as you like.

With regards to your specific goal, we have added a new feature called The Blender. It allows mixing toughness and DPS for tank gearing, specifically. We have some UI changes to it coming very soon, but for now you can try it out be creating a custom gearing strategy, or saving a copy of one of our defaults. More details here: The Blender: Dynamic Tank Gear Ranking