Great Vault sims not ranking higher versions of the same item

I don’t have anything to link but just something i have noticed.

When simming the items for GV and you have the same item but at a lower ilvl it will not rank it.

For example, I had a 460 Leafhide Penetrator(crossbow) and a 470 version was available from the GV. When simmed, it wouldnt give me an upgrade percentage, only “Owned”

Its the same for ‘could be catalysted gear’ I have 473 tier and 483 available in the GV but it only says “owned” when simming for potential catalyst use

If you can post a snapshot of this happening we can try out your specific case and take a look. In general it should rank a higher item level version of the same item, so there must be something particular happening here. Instructions on how to make a snapshot in this post: