Have to constantly refresh

So I use only the wotlk version, not sure if thats why, but I have to refresh the page after every time I check anything, like if I check BiB it wont let me search upgrades like the load wheel just spins until I refresh it. Pretty much for everything like if I want to change an item I have to refresh the page. I cleared my cache, and im using chrome. didnt matter

If you post a snapshot ID, I can try to reproduce your case and see what’s going on. Instructions on how to do that here:


Thanks – I tried a few things and didn’t encounter any errors…

If you keep getting the issue, could you try going to the Chrome menu, More tools… Developer tools. That will open the Chrome dev tools. Refresh the web page and do whatever caused the error again – do you see any errors in red in the Console tab of the developer tools?

I didn’t see anything that should cause it but its like it times out.
and it said no ticket number for the error.

I still don’t see any errors when I try your snapshots.

I also checked our server logs for anything related to your user account, and I see no server-side errors generated.

It’s possible that the simplest answer is the correct answer in this case, and it actually is just timing out trying to connect to our servers… do you have any kind of unusual internet setup like a proxy server or any issues with other websites?