Holy priest Mastery

Hey there.

I’ve been looking through 20-30 warcraftlogs of high parses and noticed that almost all of the higher parses work with full mastery gear over high vers gear.

Now I do realize that it’s possible that because I have a 12% vers corruption that Vers is a higher priority for me. But I can’t help but feel that I’m just lacking in the mastery department.

I’m currently sitting around 37% mastery while, for example, Anofotm has close to 47% mastery unbuffed.

If I look at average healing I also notice that a large amount of healing from other holy priests is coming from echoes. For example. ‘average’ healing done with echoes is about 35% of total healing done. While I hit 25%

My average prayer of healing does hit harder, but you get my point.

A second problem I’m running into is that the service keeps making me select odd azerite.

For example. It lists promise of deliverance higher than Blessed sanctuaries. But on a lot of bosses where your healing matters the most (Like Shad’har Mythic or maut) you (And the top healers) are barely ever casting single target heals if they can help it, since the raid-wide damage is huge. Blessed Sanctuary would heal an additional 33.3k healing while for example during promise of deliverance I would have to heal 15x to get close to getting the same healing as for 1 cast of sanctify.

I can see prayer is better than sanctify by a margin since you can use a lot more prayers than Sanctifies. But you don’t bring priests for their amazing single target tank healing potential in these raids.

ANYWAY. Is there a way for me to adjust these spell usages and gear weights and have it actually show me upgrades in the upgrade finder? I’m still getting gear in the upgrade finder that has crit + mastery or crit + vers even though the stat weights SHOW me that I need more mastery and more vers (And less crit)

My best in slot finder also wants me to sacrifice 7% mastery (Get even less than I have currently) for a 2.5% increase in versatility and -4% crit. I don’t see how this is an improvement?

Anyway sorry for the long post. I really wanted these questions off my back.

To get a better reply we need to see your setup.

Next to BiB there’s a help link:
Click that and then click on the Green Create Support Post button, that will give you a string you can copy and post here.


Here we go.

It’s telling me to stack Vers and go all the way up to 2.1k but at the same time it’s telling me I need to find gear that has less vers/haste on it and more mastery/crit. The weird thing is. It’s telling me to REPLACE a crit/mastery ring with a haste/vers ring.

I get that I have a single +12% vers corruption but does that really warrant going for a full vers build and ignoring mastery when so many high level priests are stacking mastery and having a 50/50 crit vers?

I also still don’t know why it’s picking Promise of Deliverance over Blessed sanctuary in my helmet.

Thanks for the help by the way. This is my first time using an app like this. I’m guessing it’s best optimized for DPS since healing is a lot more complex than optimizing rotation etc. But I feel like the thing is somehow basing this on a fight where you need to do a lot of single target healing while in the ‘heaviest’ healing requirement ny’alotha fights I’m basically relying barely on single target heals.

Here is a post that will help explain a bit about the stat recommendations in general:

For your specific case, the 12% vers corruption effect really does affect what items are optimal for you significantly. You can exclude that item from BiB if you want and see how the recommendations change dramatically.

A couple things worth knowing about our healing optimization:
1.) We base everything on simulations that we do with our healing simulator. The raid healing is based on an AoE-healing heavy fight with tons of healing to do - very similar to the Vectus fight in Uldir (scaled up to current content levels). Since we are the only people doing simulation, our recommendations tend to be different than what is on-trend. I can tell you from experience that our recommendations do actually work very well in-game.

2.) Our simulator takes into account everything - including the damage reduction from Versatility. This makes us give vers more value than other sources of theorycraft.

3.) Our calculations assume that you are pushing your mana pool to the limit in a very hard fight. If you are instead optimizing for peak burst AoE healing and not suing HW: Serenity on cooldown - it would make sense for you to exclude that trait from the optimization, which you can do with the “customize” options.

4.) Healing is not like DPS - there are many ways to gear that will all be successful. If nobody dies, your gear is good or your team doesn’t need you :wink: We provide you with a very good solution out of the box that will work. It is one of many and it is often not going to be “on-trend” because we don’t follow trends, we follow our mathematical models. We provide the “customize” section for this very reason - use that to change things up to your personal preference.

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