Holy Priest what?

I don’t know what to say really…Holy Priest stat weights are 100% wrong. Very very wrong. It would be nice if someone would do some research and fix it.

For them to be wrong, there needs to be a right.
There is no ‘carved in stone’ stat priority for any Class other than what the PLAYER decides.
Some players walk their own path, many follow a popular meta.

PLEASE do not come to a site to pontificate; if you feel there is an anomaly, by all means query it, but unless Blizzard have sent out a holy decree (geddit…?) saying, “thou must prioritise X”, ‘wrong’ has no place in a forum of this nature.

I would need some more detail to comment, the first would be a snapshot of your specific case, instructions on how to do that here:

After we have a snapshot, what in particular were you trying to do? Generate Pawn weights for your character? Best in Bags, Upgrade Finder? Give us a specific example of a result that you think is incorrect, and ideally, give us an example of what you think would be a better choice, and why.

Then we can look into it in more detail and either explain why we chose to do it how we did, or fix any issue that you may have found.