How does this make sense?!?

Tells me to Add more crit in gems and enchants, yet I am currently gemmed and enchanted for Mastery like it suggests!

I am confused. Anyone else having this issue?

The first answer is equally odd, but is in the heading above the stat. bars:
“Gear better than yours OFTEN has:” That doesn’t mean that you’re already Crit capped, by the way…

A better way to help would be if you could provide a Snapshot ID of this character; via the BiB Help button with “Create a Snapshot” then post the ID link here.

This is a fairly common question that gets asked. Essentially those suggestions on the right are for the best gear that you can get, but the recommendations in BiB, including the gems and enchants, are what is best for the gear you have currently. They don’t always match up.

If you open up the “View optimal stat graph”, it will show you what combinations of stats are better than others, and often, you will see a spiky graph where very different levels of stat combinations provide essentially the same amount of dps.

Swol made a forum post about it a few years ago, which explains this in more detail.

As eighjan mentioned, provide a snapshot ID, and the AMR team can investigate it, and help explain whether the results you are seeing are correct or not.