I am getting weird suggestions


I tried to adjust some trinkets value on the Special Items section but couldn’t do it. So i reset everything to default but now Best in Bags gives me really weird suggestions since i tried to do that. Is there any way to go back to how things were ? Thanks.

I would need a snapshot of your case to help you out. Instructions on how to do that here:


Im sorry, didn’t know this

Which feature are you using (Best in Bags, Best in Slot?), and which suggestions in particular look weird to you?

Best in bags, before i adjusted the item settings i was getting 57% mastery, now it is giving me 45% mastery

I would have to see what your settings were like that produced the previous result… we haven’t made any changes to the Havoc scoring in the past few days. Did any of your talents change? That could impact the value of mastery.

I didn’t change any talents. previous settings were all default

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with the current gear suggestion… if you want to more heavily favor mastery you can play around with the secondary stat customization.