I think Mr.Robot has got stats all wrong on Shammy

I think Mr.Robot has got stats all wrong on Shammy for long time . Its like do Mastery and mastery. But we all know its no good for shamy resto. Finaly Ask Mr. Robot is USLESS for shamy. /Cry

If you post a snapshot, we can take a closer look at your specific case. Instructions on how to do that here:

The stats that BIS selects seem to be more in line with what most stat suggestions are for other websites. Some point a couple months ago the BIS picker put mastery as the chief stat for elemental as well. You can change it, an look for proportions more in line with what you are looking for.

It all depends on context – that’s why we need snapshots to troubleshoot cases like this. Our optimizer is different than other websites in that we designed it to find answers very specific to your setup and your gear, and to not be biased away from any solution due to popularity, so sometimes it finds “unusual” results that are still quite good.

With a snapshot we can comment further.