Improvement Value on Upgrade finder (Crests)

The upgrade finder tool currently displays the percentage improvement based on the source item’s item level (ilvl), rather than comparing it directly to the currently equipped item.

In my situation, the tool indicates that a weapon with versatility, at ilvl 437, should be approximately 4.72% better than my currently equipped weapon, which also has an ilvl of 437.

As a Beast Mastery hunter, versatility is my weakest secondary stat. Could you modify the tool to show the percentage improvement based on a direct comparison with the equipped gear?

Given the current information, the feature is not practical or useful to me in its current state.

The flightstone/crest search will take the item in question, add it to your inventory, then try to find the best combination of gear that you own to maximize the value of that item. The score is the delta between your current Best in Bags solution and the best solution found that contains the new item.

If you have a case where you think a specific item is ranking too high or too low, follow the instructions in this post to create a snapshot ID and reply to this thread, we’ll take a closer look:

Is the version of the AMR add-on you’re using the most up to date one?

Is BM your primary spec.?
Do you have any customisation in place, that may skew how upgrades are seen?
Are there any other changes to gemming/enchants that you may have missed to make the Weapon change make sense?

To assist w/ the above & your case, in general, please can you create & provide a Snapshot ID for the Hunter in question? Thank you, in advance.

Looks like @yellowfive got to this at the same time as me…

How can I add an item at the maximum level to my bag in order to execute “Best in Bag” with a potentially m+ item at the maximum level, without actually spending my crests?


The M+ upgrade finder search has an option to upgrade items to the max level before ranking. That is a quicker search than some of the others, but should give a decent ranking.

The flightstone/crest search will do exactly what you describe, if you already own the base item. It does a more thorough ranking of each item at the cost of speed.

As a “catch all” you can use the “Add to my bag” search to manually choose any variant of any item. It will do the more thorough search just like the flightstone/crest search.