Interrogator's Vicious Dirk

This weapon is misidentified in Mr. Robot as a one-handed weapon when it is, in fact, a Main Hand weapon. To make matters worse, Mr. Robot seems to be treating it as an offhand weapon, since I can’t even manually put it in my main hand slot.

Could you provide a snapshot where this item is showing incorrectly? When I look in our database it is a main hand weapon. Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:

Sorry, I’ve been busy and haven’t thought to check back here. This is the snapshot ID 097d4ab9bc9a4c0eaf61c2cecd2a9158.

I should mention that it only seems to put the Interrogator’s Vicious Dirk into my offhand slot for my Outlaw spec, although it’s the best dagger I have, so it makes sense that it would be used mainhand for Assassination and Subtlety. When I mouse-over the dagger, it does say “one-hand, dagger” in the tooltip rather than “main-hand”. I’ve also attached a screenshot.

Here a bit wider view

Thanks – I see the issue. A couple expansions ago, blizzard essentially stopped using the main-hand vs. one-hand distinction for weapons. This weapon set is the only such case in many years that has made use of it. I’ll see if I can add a special case for it. I think we may need to add an estimate for the set bonus as well.

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