Is the system outdated and thinks the hitcap is still 8?

why does the system always want me to go down to 5 hits as an ork with 2h axe, is the system outdated and thinks the hitcap is still 8? it is now at 9!

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no matter what i do the system always wants to go down to 5 hit i think it is still set to 8 hit like back then :frowning:

Your chance to miss with no hit gear is 8.6%.

The optimizer is not going to always go for the hit cap. Mathematically, you will rarely maximize your DPS by getting to the hit cap, because you have to trade off more desirable chunks of stats. This is part of the reason why the hit cap doesn’t exist anymore in retail - people feel compelled to get to the cap, even if it’s not “optimal” - missing is annoying.

Keep in mind that even if you do have 9% hit on your gear, raid bosses will still dodge 6.5% (you can get this down to 5% with enough weapon skill, but never less than 5%) of your attacks, so you’ll never get rid of that chance for an attack to do nothing!

when i change from axe to mace he does not want to give me any more hits although i lose the 5 weapons of ork.
can this really be right? i am afraid :stuck_out_tongue: