Is WW T31 really that bad?

Snapshot ID: fda4768f71a942e2a12dbd510b92851c

Between the 2 catalyst charges and the Flame-Warped Curio I got from raid, I was able to complete my 4 set. But AMR says not to use it. I even checked the “Force T31 Set Bonuses” box and it says using the 4 set will result in a 8.28% DPS loss, even as it increases my ilvl from 445 to 448. I’m thinking something is not right here.


I’ll take a look – in my testing most of the set bonuses were showing as pretty good upgrades, so there must be a specific combination here that isn’t working as expected.

Thanks. I should have added that AMR says to use the 4 piece on my brewmaster setups (both M+ and raid). Just not on either of my windwalker setups.


We just posted an update that should fix up the set bonus scoring for windwalker. This one was a bit tough… had to rewrite part of the rotation. Specs like windwalker with really congested rotations (not enough GCDs to spend all your resources, tons of circular cooldown reduction effects, etc.) are the most finicky – but I compared these new tweaks to some logs of people using T31 set bonuses and the spell breakdown is looking pretty good now.

Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this, but my issue seems almost identical to the poster above, but for affliction warlock. No matter what I do, I cannot get AMR to use my tier31 pieces, it prefers my tier30 pieces. At first, I assumed I just needed to bump up their ilvl more to get everything working better, but at this point my season2 pieces which AMR prefers are ~30 ilevel lower than my new tier pieces.

Can you post a snapshot where you are seeing this happen? I can take a look at it if I have more context (talents, gear in your bags, gearing strategy, etc.)

Viralswine ‹Prideborne Tribe› @ Kilrogg (US) this is my toon with the later tier sets equipped, but lower dps. you probably need my bag data, i can get that later. how should i post that, AMR export string?

Make a snapshot, so I can see exactly what you are seeing. If you haven’t done that before, there is a post with instructions on how to do it here:


You do not have Soul Rot chosen as a talent, which makes the T31 set bonus worth nothing!

OH! it changed build / rotation!! gotcha! no wonder. thanks!

is there some way to force amr to re-read talents? bc no matter how i’m talented, it recommends the same old gear build. and from experience, i know that the build it’s recommended is inferior. also, i found and enabled the switch build option in amr.

We do not recommend talents – you tell us what talents you want to use, and then we optimize your gear.

You should set the talents on each of your Best in Bags setups manually. We do not overwrite them when you import from the addon. The reason is that it would actually be pretty annoying – for example you could have a raid and a mythic+ Best in Bags setup for a spec. How would we know which one’s talents to overwrite when you import?

When you create a brand new setup, we use the last talents you had active in-game. After that, it’s up to you to update them. When you open the talent editor, there is a button at the bottom to “use last imported talents” for that spec – that can be a fast way to update them without having to click each individual talent, assuming you have the talents active in-game that you wish to use on that setup.