Issues with Hit cap for ret Paladins, and demo and affliction Warlocks Horde side

Hello, Since the begging of WOTLK, there is a problem of ignoring the specs of the class i am using,

For example as Warlock affliction i am specced to have HIT cap at 11%, but askmrrobot website always asking me to be 14%

and for Demo lock its at 14% and askmrrobot website asking me to be 17%

and for ret paladin its 8% and askmrrobot website asking for higher…

Could you please fix that

First thing to do is give this post a read:

It’s highly likely that we are already handling the hit and expertise caps how you expect, but we display information in a more useful and consistent way than the in-game character sheet.

If you still think it’s not getting the proper amount of hit on one of your characters, post a snapshot and we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that in this post:

That wasn’t my question… My hit should be at 11% … and AMR suggest it to be at 14% as affliction warlock even though that in my talent tree i should be at 11% as hit capped

If you post a snapshot, we can take a look. The website definitely handles hit correctly - we will be able to explain why it is showing what it is if you give us a specific case to comment on!

As Swol said, give us a specific example and we can explain what’s going on.

The spell hit cap is 17% always (in a raid setting). Most people take 3% off of that because of the spell hit debuff in raid settings, meaning you need to come up with 14% on your own. Affliction usually takes the Suppression talent, so you need 11% from gear, but our character sheet will actually show 17% since we add in the 3% from the talent and the 3% from the raid debuff, as they are persistent, “always-on” sources of spell hit.

I would have to see your specific case where it is showing 14% optimized. There are many reasons this could happen, but I can’t say without seeing it.