Keep my selected talent setup

My talent tree keeps getting unselected in the best-in bags. I can’t figure out why either. And if I try to set the talents for each of a character’s setups it seems to unselect them between changing specs and reimporting and exporting. The fix seems to be swapping to each setup and then running best in bags each time to sometimes get it to stick. But it’s extremely tedious and sometimes still seems to fail to keep the talent page selected. Temporarily I’ve moved to just manually swapping talent pages again. Now nothing with the gear recommendations or anything is wrong and as long as I make sure I select the correct talents before the operation the gear is fine. But the talent page selection just does not seem to stick. I have been using the talent pages to make sure I have the correct talents when importing to AMR but it seems to not swap back to that page in the game. I may have the same talents as set in AMR but it did not swap to that talent page in the game.

If you could post a snapshot I can take a closer look at your setup – instructions on how to do that at the top of this post:

In general: the in-game talent loadout UI is extremely finnicky. I had a very hard time getting automatic talent switching to work at all in the addon… and it still only “mostly” works, if you are really nice to it. I can look at your specific setups and make some recommendations.

Here is the snapshot: a1249e39685c4c2b80ff49f56758c22c

It is currently saved and loaded but I did the little trick I discussed to do it and I also just removed my additional guardian setups. It looks more like at the time of export/import of the builds. As the site and once its loaded in-game works perfectly.

Thanks for the snapshot. I think I see what is happening… the issue seems to happen when you change between two setups of different specs on the website – the spec you switched away from has the talent loadout cleared because it thinks the talent version doesn’t match anymore. Should be easy enough to fix in our next site update, probably sometime later today or tomorrow.

Awesome thank you!!! It would make it so much easier to do :smiley:

This should be fixed as of our update last week – give it another try.

As far as I can tell it has been working thank you!