Mac OS X sim client not working

Hi there !

I’m trying to run a simulation on my Rdruid.

I followed every step on the "simulator Client Manual " :

  • downloded the .zip file
  • extracted it in my computer
  • created a .jason setting file with my desired sim, and put it on the “AskMrRobotClient” file.

Then, when I try to run the simclient file, it just says : /Users/utilisateur/Downloads/AskMrRobotClient/simclient ; exit;

Nothing happens on the website when I click “run the sim” and it keeps telling me to download the sim client.

I’m on OSX 10.14.6

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you very much for your help.




same problem here!

I also noticed that the file is defined as a “TextEdit” file in macOS Finder. So I tried to turn it into an executable file using “chmod 755 simclient” in Terminal.
After I did that, I was able to start simclient by right-clicking it and selecting “Open” from the context menu.
But then, I received multiple “unverified developer”-type error messages. In Terminal, it was suggested to install the latest Dotnet CORE 3.1 runtime which I also did (version 3.1.3), but that didn’t help either, I’m still getting those “unverified developer” messages!

I*m on macOS Catalina, version 10.15.4

Please advise! Thank you!


Unfortunately Mac is the only platform that I can’t really test directly.

So I did some searching… it seems that the created executable file doesn’t have execute permission… which is weird. I’ll see what I can do to get around this problem…

Once it is executable though, it should run fine – the unverified developer errors you will have to manually choose to ignore, since we don’t sign the program (which would require buying Mac computers and a developer account with apple).

It was my understanding that once you manually choose to ignore the warning, it should not warn you again. What is the exact error it shows after you try running it again?

Hi there,

that’s the thing - these errors can’t be ignored, you can only choose between “Put file into trash” and “Abort”. There’s no “Ignore warning” or “open anyway” option!

The exact wording would not help you as I’m located in Germany, but the proper translation would be “Can’t open [FILENAME] because its developer cannot be verified. macOS can’t verify that this file doesn’t carry malware.”

This error comes up with many of the *.dylib and *.dll files within the folder. I was able to open the *.dylib files by right-clicking them directly in Finder and then clicking “open” (to prevent the error messages in future tries), but that doesn’t work for *.dll files.

Please help!


The only “message” I get when trying to run the sim client is : /Users/utilisateur/Downloads/AskMrRobotClient/simclient ; exit;

I only had 1 “unverified developer” message which I was able to bypass by runing the file as administrator (right click + open).

It is my understanding that once you do what @ahkohxet did (right click + open), it will create an exception for that file in the future, and you can run it by double-clicking it after that.

As for the message you get… I am not quite sure what to make of that… is there a “logs” folder under the AskMrRobotClient folder with anything in it?

Yes, once you open as administrator, you will be able to open it by double-click.

There is indeed a Logs folder but nothing inside it.

The message I get is when I try to open the unix executable file, and appears on my OS terminal. It seems that the “simclient” is doing nothing …

A few month ago, I was able to sim everyrthing via the terminal, but now it does not work anymore :frowning:

We released a new version of the client yesterday – for the most part it is the same code, but we have always had issues getting it configured to run on Mac OSX… not sure why they make it so difficult.

I’m running a few tests on Linux to ensure that is working properly, perhaps it will help out with the Mac version too.

…ok, just to make this clear once again, there are two problems described here.

1st problem: The reason why ahkohxet’s file “simclient” is doing nothing is because after being unzipped from the download, it’s not yet an executable file, that’s what I wrote in my first post. Instead, its file type is a simple text file at first, it’s shown in the macOS Finder as being a “TextEdit” file. You can easily turn it into an executable file though by running the command “chmod 755 simclient” in Terminal. Afterwards, it can be executed by running it as administrator (right-click and “open”). From that point on, yes, you can run it every time by doing a simple double click. So that’s the easy part.

Now comes the second set of problems. The now executable file “simclient” calls a lot of *.dylib and *.dll files in the process, but all of them (or at least a lot of them) are prevented from being started by macOS. For each one of those files, you receive an error message box saying that macOS has stopped it from being opened due to the fact that macOS could not verify its developer. In these error message boxes, you only have to choices: a) trash the file immediately, or b) abort it from being started. Of course, none of these two choices helps. There is no “open the file anyway” choice! In the end, this means that by clicking through all those check boxes (no matter what choice you pick), all these necessary files are not being opened, so of course the whole application is not able to function at all! So only the “simclient” file itself can be launched, but all other files won’t open.
And like I already wrote, installing the latest version 3.1.3 of the DotNet CORE runtime does not help either.

Please fix this! Thank you so much in advance!


Yeah I’m working on an alternative version for Mac OS.

In theory, you are supposed to be able to publish cross-platform, self-contained executables with .net core, but it… just doesn’t seem to work. So we’ll be going back to framework-dependent versions for Mac and Linux users – you will be required to install the proper version of the .net core runtime and use the dotnet command in a console window to run the .dll file directly.

I’ll make an announcement when that version is available – might take a day or two to test it and update all the documentation.

All right, I understand! Thanks a lot for the effort!


I posted an update to the simulator client that will hopefully resolve any issues:

Please post in that thread if you are still encountering any issues – we’ll work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Note that for Mac users, you should delete any version that you have and download this newest version manually to resolve any previous issues (you can keep your settings.json file though, that has not changed).

You want the “universal” client version for Mac. You will also need to install the .NET Core Runtime, and use it like before – run the program via the dotnet command. Though in theory .NET Core supports creating cross-platform executables… it just doesn’t work very well, so we’re going back to the framework-dependent version for non-Windows platforms.

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