Mawsworn Assassin's Doublet not showing in upgrade list

I noticed that when I got the Mawsworn Assassin’s Doublet (Lthr Chest 200/233 Korthia) as a drop, it will appear in my gear list after import, but does not appear in my list of Korthian items available for upgrade (i.e. it does not appear to be part of that calculation). Further, if I run an upgrade list of Korthian items at any level, this item does not appear. Mr Robot does appear to pick the item as BIB if it is at or above the item level of any other chest options at the time of calculation, but it doesn’t appear to let you calculate whether or not to spend points to upgrade it (or compare it to other same slot items at a higher level).
Thanks for the assistance!

If you post a snapshot, I can take a closer look and see what’s up. Instructions on how to do that here:

Thanks! The first snapshot shows my BIB listing the Mawsworn Assassin’s Doublet in the chest slot list (i.e. MR is picking up the item correctly from my in game import.

The second snapshot shows the find upgrades catalogued research feature, and the doublet isn’t in my list of items that is upgradeable (i.e. it isn’t in the calculation for best upgrades spending the research points). b7138e0d25a84e9282d361ae672c30e3

The last one shows the upgrade list for item level 213 Korthian chests, and the Doublet is not there either. 935da02865944204a948c53bd5d41783

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you need anything else.

We have that item listed as coming from the Wrath of the Jailer even in The Maw, that’s why it’s not showing up as a Korthia item.

Can that item be obtained in multiple ways now?

Much like many of the armor/weapon items from the Tormentors events, it is now an upgradeable item using catalogued research (200/233 scale). It is still dropped in the Wrath of the Jailer event, but they changed the drop to now be upgradeable like any other Korthian/Tormentor/Maw Assault drop.

Thanks – somehow I missed that change… I’ll add those items to the upgrade finder search that lets you try out different upgrade levels.

No worries at all and thank you (there may be other items like the doublet from the Wrath event, but it is the first one I have come across).

I posted an update that should add wrath of the jailer items to the catalogued research upgrade finder search.