Minor goofy BiS when 2 different items are identical stats

First time I came across this. Not a big deal. I just stared at these two items for far too long trying to see what it was I wasn’t seeing why one would be recommended over the other. Then realized after I would do Best in Bags a second, third, fourth, etc. etc. time it just keeps flip flopping between these two pieces. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all you do! just thought I’d drop this one in case it was unnoticed.

If you provide a snapshot I can try it out, instructions here:

Snapshot ID:

:slight_smile: I was unaware of this feature! I’ve been using AMR since it was first released, and always there’s something new to discover.

Thanks for the report – these cases are so rare that we actually don’t have code to check for it (two different items with exactly the same stats). I can put it on the list of things to check for in the future.