Minor issue with best in bags enchant selection

In the best in bags, the enchant for chest does not highlight when enchant is not equipped for chest piece. the text is highlighted but it doesn’t have the big highlighted square outline like the other slots do. Not a biggie but something you may want to look at.

Actually, it appears that if you swap a piece of gear and the enchant being recommended is going to be the same enchant that your current piece is, it will not highlight with the big box border. it just has highlighted text. This is for any piece, not just chest. It doesn’t stand out as much. I think any piece that does the sim is recommending an enchant for should be shown in the big box outline to help see it easier.

Could you post a snapshot that I can use to test this? Instructions here:

In theory it would not highlight it in green if the item already has that enchant in your inventory in-game, which it might because you had previously enchanted it but aren’t using it right now.