Minus DPS increase


Mr Robot is suggesting that I change a trinket from a 473 one to a 411 but then tells me that it will give me a (minus) -7.49 % dps increase.

Am I reading this incorrectly.

Thanks in advance


I had to change shorten the code due to an error of not being able to mention 2 users in a post

Below is the string:-


If you post a snapshot we can see all of your settings. Instructions on how to do that in this post:

If I had to guess off the top of my head before seeing your specific case: you have the max on-use trinket setting set to a low value, and you don’t have very many good trinkets that are not on-use trinkets.

Ok, no idea what that means but i’ve changed it and seems to be gucci now.

Thanks for the prompt reply!



Some people don’t like having a lot of on-use trinkets – extra buttons and all that. So that option lets you limit it and choose passive/proc trinkets instead.