Missing New Legendaries


I cant seem to find some of the new legendaries in the best in bags legendary weight effects, specifically Ursoc’s Furry Remembered Back piece. How can I find them?

I also am missing legendary and the 230 crafted gear.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, you don’t need to adjust the value of the legendary in every slot you can get it. You are adjusting the value of the legendary power by itself. We automatically handle the stats of the base item to which you attach the power.

For the upgrade finder, we show just one variant of the legendary as a suggestion of which slot and stats to use. You can feel free to ignore that suggestion, the power itself is the most important thing usually, not which slot you put it in or which secondary stats you use on it.

I think you may have a different issue – make a separate post and provide a snapshot of your setup, with a detailed description of specifically which item you have that are missing. Directions on how to make a snapshot here:

Oh then no issue. Thanks :slight_smile: