Mistweaver BiB Agility Gems?

Using the BiB for my Mistweaver Monk, it’s telling me that the Agility Gem is best for my ring’s socket, however, Mistweavers don’t utilize agility and while i KNOW I need to use Intellect or a secondary stat, I believe this should be looked into.

On the other hand, maybe there is a calculation that i’m unaware of that MW do, in fact, utilize Agility to a greater value than I currently understand… in that case, i’d like to know why.

When you do Best in Bags, is your Mistweaver spec at the top priority (on the left), or below your other specs? The top priority spec gets first pick at gems, enchants, and Azerite Powers. Then if a lower-priority spec needs to share that item, it has to use it with the main-specs gems, enchants, and AZ.

I suspect that MW isn’t your top spec, but if you put it in the top spot, it would pick the INT gems.

That’s exactly the issue. Thanks for the quick response. I was unaware that the order in which I had them listed on the left took into account offspecs.