Mistweaver Custom Stat Weights

I have set my stat weights to prioritize haste - mastery - crit - vers but what I am getting in game is more like haste - crit - mastery - vers I am not sure why, I have more than enough gear now that it should be able to fit to this weight as mistweaver monk.

If you make a snapshot we can try your specific case and see what’s up. Instructions in this post:


In game with updated results equiped i have 3082 haste, 1695 mastery, 2569 crit, 800 vers.

It also seems to be affecting the upgrade part as well as it is not recommending me mastery upgrades as a high priority.

What do you think about my issue?

Thanks for the snapshot.

When you use the feature to customize secondary stats, it is as much art as science… since there is no longer an “objective” measure of value for your gear (a mathematical model that directly describes the game), but rather a “subjective” measure (your preferred stats).

This leads to unavoidable ambiguities, for example: how much are you willing to sacrifice total stats to get a better secondary stat distribution? We just have to guess. We made a change in one of our previous updates to favor increasing primary stats a bit more when customizing secondary stats.

The main way to get closer to your secondary stat target would be to choose lower ilvl items… I can look into adding an option for users to control how aggressive the secondary stat feature will be.