Monk - Touch of Death

Hi !

I was browsering through the rotation for brewmaster monk and more specially over Touch of Death.

So i like the fact that in the rotation you can use Touch of Death to clear Heavy Stagger to get the passif part up “Reduced Stagger dammage by 200% of damage dealt”. Is their a way to specifie somethings like : “in DPS rotation use it at the last moment but for TUF use it to clear stagger”. (also if the fight is almost over i dont think clearing stagger have a big impact on TUF anyway)

When i’m looking into the implementation : Touch of Death - Spell - Ask Mr. Robot
their is nothing about stagger ?

So i was wondering if it’s somethings “to do” ?

One more point, base line you decided to go for, you already given me some intel like during beta of Shadowland but I feel like now it messing the ranking for the legendary.
= 0.35 * TotalMaxHealth * TotalDamageMultiplier.
So… From my perspectives it should be:
= TotalMaxHealth.
On bosses maybe it difficult to use properly i get that but on MM+ it’s easy to “snipe” litterally the last hit (and yes you can do it on anythings even boss and elites). I do have a Weak Aura that help me with that ( Touch of Death - Namplate - hp target < maxHpPlayer |
Could you change this implementation (at least for the stagger part maybe?) ? or do you have any information to convince me otherwise ?
I feel like it’s undervalue the spell and so the legendary “Fatal Touch” also.


What is it that you want me to change, exactly? I’m not sure I follow completely. The stagger portion for Brewmaster is implemented on the Stagger spell in the wiki.

I include the TotalDamageMultiplier in all damage spells. That lets us apply auras to it as they show up in the game. If there are no spells that buff Touch of Death, it won’t affect it.

Okay !
I see now. It’s this part right ?

For the other “part of my query” was more about touch of death beeing use “on stronger” unit and so 35% of it (not the full 100% if you can snipe the last hp of a target).
We already discussed it here during beta ( Shadowlands - Monk Discussion - Serious discussion - Ask Mr. Robot
That was your answers :

Yeah, you could mess around and try to snipe a tad more damage when a mob is about to die. That’s just meter-padding for fun though :wink:

After using it in MM+ specially i dont think it’s “meter-padding” anymore, specially if i can get my hand on the Touch of Death legendary. What i would like is a better ranking for this specific legendary, one that use it for it’s full potential.

Here is a bit more context :
For MM+, the ranking of Fatal Touch is really close to Judgement of the Arbiter (or other legendary in their respective spec) and i think it would probably be on top of some here if Touch of Death was sniped.
For mistweaver “dps” :

For monk tank “dps”:

For monk dps :

What do you think ?

You would only get the damage increase against a lower level mob, not a boss or bigger elite. To implement this we would need a bit more in the simulator to differentiate between those types of enemies. There are a few different effects that would have more value in that case. If we ever get to where we have a way to tell the simulator if it is a “weaker” mob or one that can be cc’d, we could put this in.

This part is not true with all the respect for you. You can get the full dmg on any target that has lower hp than you. Even raid bosses.

Ah, yeah I hear that. We can’t do that in the simulator because we don’t track actual health numbers of enemies, only health % as a function of fight length.

ho… :sob:
Well if at some point you came back to it i would love to have a rerank of the legendary in this specific case (maybe use it when target percent has less than 0.05 and hit it for the full dmg ? idk).