More mastery than crit or haste for bm hunter?

Just wondering why sims are wanting more mastery than crit and haste when icy-veins and wowhead both have mastery lower down on priority list just wondering if the apl needs updating or am i just missing something btw my stats are 34crit 19haste 40 mastery and sims still want more mastery to be added on i mean i feel like i need more haste at least and some crit any help in explaining this would be helpfull

What’s to say that AMR isn’t the more accurate appraisal of how to optimise BM Hunter…?
Why do you give Icy Veins &/or Wowhead more credibility than AMR…? Just curious…

I would need to see your exact setup to comment further. You can post a snapshot using the help link. Directions here:

I need to know if we’re talking about aoe, single target, what talents you are using, etc.

I spent a lot of time on my calculations - I think they are good, but these models can always be tweaked a bit to favor one stat over another. It’s hard for anyone to tell you for sure if having a little less crit/haste is going to matter or not. The main change will be how often you can keep that barbed shot stack rolling - it is hard to predict. My guess is that differences in suggested gear comes from different estimations regarding barbed shot stack uptimes.