Multiple specs use the same soulbind

Getting later in the expansion so I thought I would start running second specs. The problem I have is that it wants to use the same Soulbind for both specs. This makes me unable to use the best conduits for each spec so both suffer. My main spec is Balance druid and my second is feral. Why can’t this be like Equipment Manager and change based on my spec? Do I have to use an inferior Soulbind for the second spec? And if so how do I do that when setting up BiB optimizations. Second spec keeps wanting me to change conduits needed for main spec. Thanks for any help here.

There is a checkbox option on the Setup Best in Bags Tab, Allow Conduit Respec?

Activating that checkbox tells the optimiser to allow conduits to be respec-ed (i.e. for lower priority specs, it may use the same soulbind and change conduits around, etc).

If you do not activate the checkbox, the conduits for the higher priority spec are locked in, and then the optimiser figures out for lower priority specs, whether it would be better to change the soulbind and have more optimal conduits, or keep the soulbind and use less optimal conduits.

OK, I checked the allow conduit re-spec box. I did BiB and it comes up with conduit changes, but it keeps the Niya soulbind, not the Korayn soulbind even tho I have Korayn activated in the feral spec(in the forge of Bonds) in the Import Data to AMR. If I leave it this way AMR shows I can gain11.3% DPS but it shows conduits for Niya that are not available to Korayn. I understand this is a Blizzard problem because if one class uses the same Soulbind for more than one spec, the Forge of Bonds should be enabled to act like equipment manager and change based on which spec is active. Having said this I realize that I have already spent more time trying to do something that should have been a forgone conclusion than is worth the benefit. As such, I think I’ll just stick to the main spec and leave all the extra work to someone who wants to do it. Thank you for your help in this.

I also play Druid but have my specs reversed, Feral first.
I’m surprised you’re getting a clash, for me Terror Turkey wants to use Dreamweaver and Feral uses Niya.

To see what’s going on for you we’d need a Snapshot to help you investigate.