No saved gear for current spec

I’ve just installed the add on and gotten advice on my best in bags. but when I switch specs, despite marking gear for each spec, and I’ve ticked for it to change my gear and so on, it brings up the error message “no saved gear for current spec”. It does change the conduits and so on, so I know it has infomation somewhere.


Have you opened - and set Talents for - all the spec.'s you wish to use, in-game prior to sending an Export to the Optimiser?
Either way, please could you provide a Snapshot ID for the character so that the best advice/help can be offered?

Thank you, in advance.

Instructions on how to create a snapshot are in this post:

Ooops… and TY for adding what I missed.

Thanks for the help


Thanks, that was the bit I had missed. Once I reset all my talents, it worked.