Odd percentage Calculation possible bug


The percentage increase is showing 15% above the old values, yet the old values are the same as the newly selected ones.
This is occurring regularly and I cannot seem to get it to stop giving the false value.

This started occurring after I selected custom secondary stats, did some tests, then I reset the secondary stats to default.

I have deleted my char profile on the website and re uploaded it using the import string and it still results in saying there is a 15% increase.

I just tried the fix described here https://forums.askmrrobot.com/t/how-to-reset-all-gear-data-in-the-in-game-addon/10565 The same miscalculation is occurring.

I deleted the the local data cache (AskMrRobot.lua) to fully reset the addon.
Same results as above.

Note to make sure the right cache was deleted, I used file recreation and size as a measure, the old file size was 3MB the new file size is 203K.

I’ll take a look and try to figure out why it has the score difference. Might be something with the preview of some of the 9.1.5 features, we had to make some fundamental changes to handle having different covenants on different setups.

I posted an update just now that should resolve this issue. It was indeed an issue with the changes to support having different covenants on different Best in Bags setups.

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Thank you for the fix. tested and working as expected now.