Ominous Chromatic Essence buff choice and AskMrRobot BiB strategy

I was wondering how AskMrRobot will know what stat I choose for a Ominous Chromatic Essence buff when deciding if it is the best trinket in my bag or not? Or it just simply assume that I have obsidian buff all the time (which is little of each secondary stats)?

For the moment, we assume you are using whichever of your stats is highest (since people will typically have the most of their best stat). We may add some settings for this item at some point.

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Is it possible to add an indication on what stat AMR assumes on the page?

If you roll the mouse over crit/haste/mastery/vers in the char sheet section, the one with the most rating from gear is the one we are using right now.

Ominous Chromatic Essence is showing SIGNIFICANTLY worse than just about every other trinket for me, including some from last tier. Even with character-to-character variations and whatnot, that seems like a massive departure from every other SIM and resource that ranks it way ahead of just about every other trinket regardless of selected buff.

I had presumed this was early-season weirdness and was just manually overriding, but it persists. Am I missing something?

I’m assuming that you chose the buff and number of allies in your settings that you want to use? I can double check, but it is pretty straightforward, just a static stat buff…

edit: I would also need a snapshot of your specific case, could be something else going on. Instructions on how to do that here:

You assumed incorrectly! I WAS missing something.

Thanks, all is well. :slight_smile: