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With the new layout of Ask Mr. Robot the “My Gear” option that was used to find out what gems and enchants your toon needs for it’s current gear. I was recently told that this could be done under “Best In Bags” but I’m not seeing how to do this. Instead what I’m seeing is suggestions for the best gear and not the current gear. The tutorial I pulled up doesn’t tell you how to do this, unless I’m missing something, and gives info from the Shadowlands expac.
can you give me a rundown how to gear check my current gear through “Best In Bags”?

Not entirely sure why you would want to ignore any gear suggestions, but that’s just me. If you want to lock in a piece you can click on the gear, then on the side menu click it again. This should still give you gem/enchant suggestions.

Like ekstren said, you can lock in your current gear if you want, and gems/enchants will be suggested for those items.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use the best gear in your bags, though!

I’m not ignoring any gear suggestion. I’m looking to gem/enchant my current gear. The best gear suggested doesn’t help me now and the enchant suggestions will help me in the runs to get the suggested gear.
When clicking on the side menu I don’t see my current gear listed. I’ve tried typing in my current gear and it comes up nothing.

It’s not a matter of using the best gear in my bag. I never said anything about that. I said I’m trying to figure out how to look up the gem/enchantment suggestions for my current gear (which, btw, is the only gear I have on my toon. There is no other gear in my bags).
Locking in my current gear would work if the pop up list had my current gear but it doesn’t

It seems that perhaps you are using Best in Slot instead of Best in Bags? They are very different tools.

Best in Bags will only look at gear that you already own, suggest the best combination of that gear, then suggest the best gems/enchants to put on that gear. It is a “superset” of what the old “Gear Check” could do.

It also has a lot of other convenience features… like the ability to manage multiple setups for your character. It handles the hard questions like… if your main spec is tank and you only sometimes play DPS, gem/enchant my gear for tanking first, then come up with the best setup I can for my DPS spec without messing with my tank spec.

Ah I see. You said Best in Bags, so I assumed you were actually using that, but you were using Best in Slot. I don’t think Gear Check was even around in Shadowlands, or at least for most of it. I don’t remember seeing it for quite some time. Best in Bags is just a much better version of it.

Even that suggest the gear to use and not my current gear. I clicked on the gear suggested to add in my current gear and it doesn’t list my current gear.

If it wasn’t Gear Check it was something much like it. Regardless the tutorials are outdated after Dragonflight launched

Yeah the tutorials could be updated, but the site works exactly the same as when the tutorial video/text was written, just with some different options.

And yes, Best in Bags will suggest what gear to use from the gear that you own. If you are asking an optimizer to figure out the best gems and enchants… there’s really no reason that you wouldn’t also ask it to figure out the best gear too! Stats are just stats whether you get them from a piece of gear or an enchant.

As noted above, you can lock in all of your gear to force it to never change anything. After optimizing, click on the item name in the result for any slot. A list pops up with every item that you own for that slot. Choose the item you want it to use, then you’ll see an orange “lock” next to it in the result table.

Do this for all of your items if you wish. Then press Re-Optimize at the bottom of the table.

I think you’re missing what I’m asking for. I’m not asking WHAT to use, I’m asking HOW to use it. The issue of using suggested gear or not is irrelevant.
this is the issue. Best in Bags IS NOT showing my current gear. When I click on the suggested gear my current gear is not on the list that pops up and when I type in the name of the gear the list is blank except for the message “No items match your filters. Don’t forget to check your min/max ilvl filters.” even when I set the ilvl filters.
So the question that I have been asking is “How do I get it to show my current gear and the suggested gem/enchants based on my current stats?” I follow the tutorial and still get nothing

You need to use our in-game addon to export your gear to the website. Are you using the addon?

Yes, I’m using the addon. How else would I be able to pull my character up.
That was a rather stupid question to ask

We need to see what you are seeing - sorry no one quite understands what your question is. Please post a snapshot. If you could then also tell us what gear you think is missing, that would help.

Directions on posting a snapshot:

This is what I get when I pull up Best In Bags on my toon (yes, I uploaded my toon with the addon). Nether the gear on the left or right is my current gear. When I click on the gear on the right (I can’t click on the gear on the left) the list that comes up does not have my current gear on it. When I type in the name of the gear all I get is the message “No items match your filters. Don’t forget to check your min/max ilvl filters.”, this is even with setting the ilvl filters.
My question is how do I get it to list my current gear and show me the recommended gem/enchant I need?

I still don’t know what gear is missing. The gear on the left is the gear the addon last saw equipped in-game. If that is not what you have equipped in-game, I need to know what is equipped in-game.

Posting a snapshot will be the most helpful to aid you in this. I can’t do much with a screenshot.

Ok, now you finale answered my question. To get the current gear I need to copy and paste the code from the addon for up to date info on the AMR site. Before dragonflight it would update automatically. Now it has to be done every time, when new gear is equipped, with the addon code.
I’m surprised you guys missed something so simple and couldn’t understand my asking “How do I see my current gear?”

I can only laugh and feel for the staff here. If three people can’t figure out what you’re struggling with, it’s probably your questions that are lacking something. Shouldn’t be an asshole for that. Gear importing has never been automatic, by the way. The Armory import feature, which hasn’t been a thing for a while, was the closest to that and that wasn’t automatic either. It certainly didn’t import gear from bags.

Swol nice of you to give comments but your’e actually avoiding the real question. Where did GEARCHECK go. It is needed to balance the gear we have NOW and not to see what gear we actually need to get as in Best in Slot. Gearcheck was the BEST tool you had in your system for us players to balance our gear. Will it come back or not?

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Best in Bags uses what you have to balance your gear. It’s Gear Check, but better.