Option to Limit Defense Stat to 540 for Tanks!

Dear Ask Mr. Robot Moderators,

I trust you are doing well. I am reaching out to propose a feature enhancement to your gear optimization tool, which could be of significant value to the tanking community, especially for those playing Protection Warriors and Protection Paladins during the Wrath of the Lich King era.

It is widely recognized that a defense stat of 540 is pivotal for tanks in this expansion as it makes them immune to critical hits from raid bosses. However, any defense points above this threshold, while still useful, often have diminishing returns when compared to other stats such as stamina.

Currently, the “Crit Immune” feature in the tool does not appear to effectively limit the defense stat to 540. Instead, it often suggests gear and gem configurations that drive the defense stat considerably beyond this point. While this may sometimes result in a marginally higher overall avoidance, many players, including myself, would prefer to redistribute these additional defense points to stamina once the critical immunity threshold has been attained.

Hence, I respectfully suggest the introduction of a new feature or a modification to the existing “Crit Immune” feature to enable users to cap their defense stat at 540. This adjustment would provide a more precise reflection of the gearing priorities of many Protection Warriors and Paladins and would allow for more customized and effective gear recommendations.

I am confident that this enhancement would significantly improve the utility of Ask Mr. Robot for a substantial segment of its user base. I am grateful for your consideration of this feedback. As a long-time user and supporter of Ask Mr. Robot, I greatly appreciate the ongoing effort you dedicate to refining and sustaining this invaluable tool.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. I eagerly anticipate any updates you might have concerning this suggestion.

Right now the stat threshold feature is a minimum – many people want to make sure to reach thresholds of stats no matter what. We don’t currently have a mechanism for enforcing maximums, but we can put it on the list of things to look into for the future. In general we try to set up the optimizer such that it is not really necessary.

Defense is still a pretty good stat even above the crit immunity threshold… one shouldn’t work too hard to avoid it (ha!). But if you have a test case where you think the optimizer is too heavily favoring avoidance over stamina, I can take a closer look. In general our goal was to set the optimizer to a good balance where it will choose stamina on most gems, but not to such an extent that it would sacrifice “free” stats from socket bonuses. If that ends up going a bit over 540 defense that’s not a big deal – having more total defensive stats should be a net win as long as you aren’t sacrificing too much stamina to do so.

I’d like to try adjusting that balance if necessary first before adding an entirely new customization feature – ideally setting a custom maximum on defense shouldn’t be something a user needs to worry about.

If you haven’t done one before, the best way to provide a test case is with a snapshot of your setup, instructions on how to do that in this post: