Orcs axe skill is broken


Looks like +5 axe skill for Orcs is broken at the moment. A week ago everything was fine, but now optimization suggests 2h swords for Orc Fury warrior

Link: a1e44adf9f204926a430d8a5bceba5bf

And if I manually remove 2-handers from the list, it suggests 7% hit cap instead of 6%.

Link: e164ed2dd8e0401a81556127c5b50969

Could you please check sim parameters for Orcs. Is it ok or something is broken?

Thx in advance

also having issue. all of a sudden its listing 2 handers

This thread is related to your questions (we made no changes regarding axes or racials):

Thx for a quick response.

Well, I can accept that sim could provide a better result for 2h on a fury warrior, but I don’t understand the reason it happens. You know, most of sensations are based on wrong numbers : )

I locked an axe in off-hand and ran 2 sims. Results look wierd to me:

  1. “All DPS”:


AP = 1080
Crit = 30.7%
Hit = 6%
Y miss = 0%
W miss = 18.8%
Hands = Flameguard Gauntlets

  1. “Mostly DPS” (1 point to the right from “All DPS”. The rest is the same):


AP = 952
Crit = 30.15%
Hit = 10%
Y miss = 0%
W miss = 14.2%
Hands = Edgemaster’s Handguards

What is the logic behind these numbers? Why do i need so high hit rate and 12 axe skill (5 racial + 7 hands)?

As soon as you move the slider off of all dps, you are attacking from the front. This means you can now be blocked and parried. Getting more hit and weapon skill has higher value in that scenario.