Outlaw - Definitely NOT BiB


I manually changed some gear just to test out set bonuses (AMR was not recommending prior). Then when I re-ran optimization it started giving me clearly incorrect items. For instance, my 143 Heart of Azeroth for an optimal neck piece. I went ‘naked’ and re-ran BiB (bank and character sheet open) optimization which then gave me different items from before, but is still recommending the Heart of Azeroth.

Doesn’t look like your Inventory is acknowledging any other Neck item than your HoA… if you DO have one, can you please list it’s item no., so that it can be looked into on the grounds of database omission.

Thank you.

When I load that snapshot, I am also seeing no neck items in your inventory other than the heart of azeroth.

Thank you. I definitely have another neck piece - it’s the Crimson Aspirant’s Choker (340) upgrade level 1/5.

According to Wowhead the ID # is 4638511

Try giving the steps in this post a shot, and/or completely removing and re-installing the AMR addon:

Opening my bank, and then activating each spec once worked! Thank you.