Preferred slot for on Use trinkets

Small thing but if I could make on use trinkets prefer a specific slot without having to lock them, that would be nice. all my macros assume 14 is the on use slot and I have to fight AMR to get it to to put trinkets in that slot sometimes. And I end up locking items I don’t really want to, which if I don’t notice messes up future BiB.

In theory the optimizer will always prefer the top trinket slot for on-use trinkets. Some things can conflict with this though:

  1. If you already have the trinket in the bottom slot, it will leave it there.
  2. If a higher priority setup has the trinket in the bottom slot, it sometimes leaves it there as well.

If you have a case where it isn’t preferring the top trinket slot for on-use, post a snapshot and I can try it out and see what’s up. Instructions for making a snapshot here: