Primary Stat Weights

Is there any intention to give the ability to change stat weights. e.g. Guardian Druid massively favours stamina on items on AMR.

So it’s claiming there’s a 5.45% increase for an equivalent ilvl trinket on the upgrade finder - for a trinket that I’ve not seen anyone use as soon as they’ve got an alternative.

We do offer a number of customization features, especially around trinkets. If you post a snapshot of your case that would be helpful - I’m not even sure which version of the game you are referring to!

Instructions on how to make a snapshot:

Support ref: 5276220096b145c7b09c46ed2e3f3fd2

It’s in Retail

Thanks for posting the snapshot. To me, it looks like there is just something going on with that particular trinket. You have the gearing strategy set to all offense, and you have a weight of zero on the special effect of that trinket in your customization. That should make the trinket worth very little. I’ll take a look and figure out why the trinket is still scoring so high.

It looks like something is getting a little wacky due to your custom secondary stat ratio setting.

That is actually a very difficult feature to implement… looks like it could use some tweaks in your specific case. I’ll give it some thought, but it probably needs a redesign under the hood to handle more cases more gracefully.

In the meantime… just disable that feature. It results in a pretty similar secondary stat distribution that isn’t far from your target anyway, and will give a far more stable ranking in the upgrade finder.

Custom stat ratios are a fun feature… but make especially the upgrade finder quite ambiguous. We’ll see if we can tweak it a bit, but that probably won’t happen until after the 10.2 update that we’re working on.